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about us

C.O.P.S. Ltd. has been in business for a very long time (since 1986). In fact, C.O.P.S was one of the pioneers of this industry. Under our founder, Rick Sloan, C.O.P.S helped shape the entire legal system for the better, by using extensive disclosure preparation and charter motions to defend C.O.P.S clients.

When C.O.P.S. Ltd. started, the only people you could talk to regarding a traffic ticket or accident, were lawyers. The only problem was, very few lawyers had the expertise in this specific legal field, and the legal fees were, well, sometimes pretty exorbitant!. Many lawyers back then considered (and some still do consider) this area of law to be minor in nature. While there are many excellent lawyers, most do not specialize in traffic offences.

The fact is, some of the regulatory acts such as the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act carry very high penalties. For instance, if you are convicted for operating a vehicle without insurance, the minimum fine is $5000.00. When you add the "Victim of Crime Surcharge" (another tax) the fine grows to over $6000.00. Could you write a cheque right now for over $6000.00 to pay a fine?

Some charges that carry smaller fines, can actually raise your insurance rates by thousands of dollars to the same as a convicted impaired driver. Would you consider this to be minor in nature? We at C.O.P.S. certainly don't.

That is why C.O.P.S. was formed. We offer the expertise required for competent court representation at a price everyone can afford.

C.O.P.S. Ltd. was started by Rick Sloan, a former Toronto "traffic unit" police officer. He is a qualified radar operator and instructor. He has investigated literally thousands of accidents, including the most serious....where people have died. That is the type of experience you cannot find at law school. In fact, we have received many calls from lawyers asking us to help them with their cases. Oh, by the way, not only their clients, but their own charges as well.

Our court agents are highly skilled in this specific area of law. We use former police officers, former prosecutors, and have even used retired Justices of the Peace as court representatives. As per the Law Society of Upper Canada; all of our representatives are licenced paralegals, and as per recent convocation of the Law Society of Upper Canada, officers of the court.

That is the type of experience C.O.P.S. can offer you.


Although Rick Sloan, a former police officer is no longer with C.O.P.S; his retirement and legacy with this firm is a tradition that we carry on and hope to build upon. Through his foundation of extensive disclosure requests, charter motions, and top notch representation, C.O.P.S has always, and WILL ALWAYS be a trusted representation at court.

Have a ticket or driving offence? You Should call the C.O.P.S. We have Court Agent representatives throughout Ontario. Toll Free Office: 1-888-666-COPS (2677) Toll Free Fax: 1-800-463-7700
     Toll Free Office :
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