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Metro Toronto
(416) 746-2677

202 Oakdale Road
Suite 14 (2nd. Floor)
North York, Ont.
M3N 2S5
Toll Free 1-888-666-COPS(2677)
Fax: 1-800-463-7700
or send us an email to:
We have court agent representatives throughout Ontario.

Directions to the office at 202 Oakdale Road, Toronto, ON  M3N 2S5

  • Oakdale Road is the 1st street east of Highway 400, and it runs south from Finch Avenue.
  • You travel south on Oakdale Road (which is a winding street) and you come to a (“T” intersection) stop sign at a street called Eddystone Avenue.
  • You continue south on Oakdale Road from the stop sign.
  • Our entrance is the 4th driveway south of the stop sign on the west side of Oakdale Road.
  • There are 2 complexes or buildings at this location. Our office is located in the west building (the back building which faces Highway 400).
  • The entrance to the 2nd floor offices is located at the centre of the building.
  • Our office is on the 2nd floor, suite 14.
     Toll Free Office :
    1- 888- 666 - COPS (2677)