COPS Ltd , traffic ticket experts who provide professional, affordable legal court representation for fight speeding, demerit points, accidents,careless driving,Toronto.
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We at C.O.P.S. try to eliminate the threat of traffic tickets and demerit points. That is what you pay us to do......and we do it very well !!

Toronto paralegal, ticketsHelp prevent higher insurance premiums
bulletHelp keep your driving record clean
bulletAvoid demerit point accumulation
bulletWe fight to eliminate your traffic ticket
bulletNo court appearance is required by you

Insurance companies use traffic tickets to (rightly or wrongly) "justify" raising your vehicle insurance rates. Even if you are guilty of an offence, you should try and eliminate or at least reduce the impact of any ticket against your insurance.

About C.O.P.S.
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C.O.P.S. has been in business for a very long time (since 1986). In fact, we are one of the pioneers of this industry. We have helped shape the entire legal system for the better.
  Fighting Traffic Tickets
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bulletCareless Driving
bulletDangerous Driving
bulletFailing to stop
bulletDisobey a Red Light
bulletDriving with a suspended license
bulletAccident Violations
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