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insurance tips

We get call after call, wanting us to refer a good insurance company. Unfortunately, you are going to have to shop around. So.........

Call as many companies and independent brokers as you can. It may be boring work, but you may find a company out there willing to save you money. If you conduct your search with the attitude that (1) Not all insurance companies are the same; (2) over time, you are probably going get some tickets; and (3) over time, you may be involved in some accidents, you should have no problems.

I can tell you that some insurance companies offer cheap prices at first, but as soon as you get a ticket......wham! It may not be in your best interest to get the cheapest company.

Here is another little tidbit. When you call an independent broker, you probably think he or she is going search all of the companies out there and give you the best rate, right? Almost always, that is not the case. Generally, "Independent Brokers" are under contract with specific companies. Some are under contract with only one. If you are calling an "Independent Broker", ask them how many companies they represent, and who they are. This may save you from covering "old ground".

After giving the prospective insurance company basic information and they have given a quote, here are a few questions to ask them.
1) How many tickets do they "forgive" (without raising the premium)?
2) How many accidents do they "forgive" (without raising the premium)?
3) How much will they raise your rates if you reach their magic number of tickets or accidents (or combination of both)?
4) How many comprehensive claims can I make before the rates go up?
5) How much of a deductible is there? Generally the rates can be reduced if you are willing to accept a higher deductible.

I am sure you can think of some further questions on your own. They won't volunteer the information. You have to ask!

REMEMBER, you want to get an idea of the "worst case scenario" of each company, not just the best. Try and get your best company/broker to verify what they say in writing. Anything can be said and promised over the phone, and denied later.

GOOD LUCK......,

Rick Sloan,
Former President
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